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During the Stepping Stones sessions this term and next, we will be visiting  Ten Town to learn about the number 0 – 10.  This week we are learning about 0.

RHYME OF THE WEEK – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings

For our younger pupils we are introducing a Rhyme of the Week . This week we will be learning “This little piggy went to market”  


Some parents have already sent back their forms and we have been able to send them a link so they can  access their child’s online learning journal.  The link will expire in four weeks so please check you emails so you can enjoy looking through the entries with your child.  Don’t forget you can also add photos and comments to the journal too.  

If you haven’t sent your form back please do so as soon as possible so you can enjoy the journal and get updates when new observations are ready to view.



The two newsletters for next term are on the website. Click on  “Newsletters”  under the “News” tab to download.

The Playpen Newsletter is for all our pupils and the Stepping Stones newsletter is just for the children who are in their last year at Playpen.