Getting Started

At Playpen pre-school we want to make your child’s first steps into the outside world without you as happy as possible. It will be a big step for your child to get used to being away from you for the first time in the pre-school environment.

All the Staff at Playpen understand this and want to make your child feel safe, secure and happy. The settling-in process is very gradual, some children settle immediately whilst some will take longer as they build up confidence and trust in the new situation. If your child has trouble settling we may ask you to stay with your child, gradually increasing the time you leave him or her. In the first few weeks we will get to know your child – their likes and dislikes, interests and skills and particular ways in which he or she needs special support. Try not to convey to your child any anxieties you may have about leaving them, children often do cry at first when their parent leaves, but once they learn that you will always safely return, they quickly move on to enjoy their time at Pre-School.

We have the New Parent Guide to help make the first days at pre-school as easy as we can for you and your child.