Stepping Stones

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When the children are old enough, where places allow, we offer them at least two, three hour Stepping Stones Sessions a week, designed to prepare them for the transition to school.  From September to July we will be running Stepping Stones sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Over many years Trina and Lynne have worked closely with the Reception Teachers and have spent time helping and observing the Reception classes at Meopham Community Academy. These observations together with very positive feedback from the Reception teachers from all our feeder schools have proved that the Stepping Stone sessions offer our children the correct experiences to help them with their transition into full time education.

The routine for the Stepping Stones sessions differs from the morning sessions. We start each session with lunch, so the children need to bring a packed lunch with them. We have found that this increases their independence and enhances their social skills. After lunch the children will benefit from a specially designed curriculum with both adult led and child initiated learning.

During the year we teach the children the essential skills they need for their transition to primary school. We offer a varied curriculum across the six areas of learning with special focus on personal and social skills, communication, language and literacy skills and problem solving, reasoning and numeracy.

We also work with the Reception Teachers at Meopham Community Academy to provide some shared activities and visits for Stepping Stones children in the Summer term before they start school to help with their transition. We also invite the Reception teachers from all the feeder schools to come into Playpen and spend time with the children who will be joining them in September.

At the beginning of each term you will receive a newsletter regarding aspects of the curriculum to enable you to support your child’s learning at home.

If you have any questions regarding the Stepping Stones Sessions please speak to Lynne or Trina.